2018 SPA West Championships Photos

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Proof that there actually are low wind days in Texas

The pilots (L-R:) Wayne Galligan, Tommy Scarmardo, Ken Knotts, Jamie Strong, Gary Alphin, Dave Dingman, Frank Cox, Eddie Bernaldez, Pat Ensign, Jim Strong, Anthony Blair, Dave Phillips and Bobby Zikes

Jamie Strong's Komet and his tray setup hanging from fence

Pat Ensign's Curares

A pair of Dirty Birdys flank Frank Cox's Deception

Paul Mayhan's Sweetater and Frank Cox's Deception

Tommy Scarmardo's Tipo

Frank Cox's Deception - I love the tail graphic!

Sm Corlett, Anthony Blair and Wayne Galligan

Anthony Blair, Jim Strong, Tab Bowland and Dave Phillips

Anthony Blair and Wayne Galligan

Chris Berardi, Sam & Samuel Corlett

Hot Chicken & Dumplins for lunch - just what the doctor ordered on a cold day!

Eddie Bernaldez flying (L) and landing (R)
with Paul Mayhan calling

Frank Cox and Jamie Strong judging

Sam Corlett (R) awaits his turn to fly

Ken Knotts (2nd from L) getting lots of help from Dave Dingman and others

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