2018 SPA West Championships
Ft Worth Thunderbirds Field, Benbrook, TX
Nov 10-11, 2018

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2018 West Championships Pilots
L-R: Wayne Galligan, Ken Knotts, Tommy Scarmardo, Eddie Bernaldez, Paul Mayhan, Dave Dingman, Frank Cox, Gary Alphin, Jamie Strong, Pat Ensign, Bobby Zikes, Anthony Blair, Jim Strong & Dave Phillips

The SPA West Championships competition is in the books and what a wonderful event. Saturday was brisk with temperatures in the mid thirties with light winds and bright sunshine. Sunday as a little warmer but increased winds made it seem cooler. Sixteen competed in all classes and there was some magnificent flying and very close scores. When we added the scores for the Annual Points Champion in each class, there was a tie for the Advanced Champion.

There are so many people to thank for a successful meet. Gary Alphin did a great job organizing the contest and getting things going (just ask those that were late for pictures and the pilots meeting!). My wife Joyce cooked enough chicken and dumplings for all the pilots, helpers and visitors. Tab Bowland stepped in as Air Boss and the kept lines moving and judges in their chairs. Brian Alphin again and Kelli Shaw did the score entry with Ian Waring and Mel Wells running scores both days. Our normal entry to the park was closed due to high water so we had to go through a locked back way and Ian and Mel manned the gate Saturday and Sunday mornings. Leslie Ensign and Kelli helped with pilot registration and raffle registration and serving lunch. Keith Knotts took individual pictures and group pictures, edited them and made a certificate for each pilot so that we only had to enter the place they finished. And Brian printed certificates and framed them. It takes a lot of people to put on a contest!

It was a pleasure to have Jamie Strong, Jim Strong and Dave Phillips from Alabama. We also had new SPA pilot Anthony Blair from College Station, Texas and Tommy Scarmardo from Houston, Texas.

Pilots were great about having their airplanes fueled and ready to fly as soon as the previous pilot landed. It can be a real challenge to get judges and pilots in position when running two flight lines and Tab did a great in keeping them going.

Now for the important stuff, competition. Anthony Blair was the lone Novice pilot. He as practicing looking into the morning sun, got disoriented and you know the result. Fortunately, he brought a backup airplane and finished the contest.

The Sportsman division had young Samuel Corlett winning four rounds with Jim Strong winning the other two. Sam won with Jim in second, Eddie Bernaldez third and Paul Mayhan in fourth.

Advanced class had a separation of only five points with Chris Berardi and Sam Corlett winning three rounds each. Chris had a total of 3989 and Sam 3984. Bobby Zikes was third with Gary Alphin fourth and Tommy Scarmardo fifth.

The Experts put on a real show in the light winds. Wayne Galligan led after the first day then Pat Ensign turned it on again and won with a total of 4000 points with Wayne taking second. Jamie Strong came in third even with a battery ejection through the canopy in one round. Dave Dingman flew very well for a fourth place finish.

Senior Expert had Ken Knotts and Dave Phillips competing. Ken took first.

West High Point Champions presented by 2019 SPA Vice President Frank Cox

Novice - Anthony Blair Sportsman - Smauel Corlett Advanced - Chris Berardi and Sam Corlett
Expert - Pat Ensign Senior Expert - Ken Knotts

Thanks again to everyone who attended and who helped. We look forward to next years new maneuvers and new contest.

Ken Knotts

Final Scores
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