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Welcome to the Senior Pattern Association web site!

 The SPA, founded in 1991 by Mickey Walker, is now two regions strong, and has members all across the United States.  The founding and guiding principles of the SPA remain unchanged from Mickey’s vision: simple and inexpensive vintage pattern planes with the emphasis on fellowship and camaraderie and fun.

SPA legal planes are airplanes designed prior to 1976, and powered by up to a .65 two stroke or a .95 four stroke, or electric powered with specific restrictions. More in depth descriptions are available in the Competitors Guide.    Tuned pipe and retract use are prohibited, limiting the cost and complication. An SPA-legal airplane is no more expensive than the average airplane on the flight line at your local field. The simplicity and low cost of early Vintage models, in terms of materials and equipment, means that a level playing field is deliberately established, making practice and skill the primary difference between competitors. 

The atmosphere of fun, encouragement, laughter, and great flying is an experience that will leave you hooked, and if you’re not careful, make a really good pilot out of you!  Welcome to vintage pattern flying, SPA style!  Enjoy browsing the pages of this website, and feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the SPA.  Great fellowship and competition combined with affordable, uncomplicated, classic airplanes is a recipe for unmatched fun! 

We look forward to seeing you!