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Approved Aircraft cutoff date changed to 12/31/1979
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Roberta Contest Date Changed to April 14-15
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2018 Southeastern Model Show
Perry, GA          Saturday, March 3, 2018

L-R: Bob Wilkes, Duane Wilson and Bill Collins with Duane's pretty Blue Angel

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Welcome to vintage pattern flying, SPA style! Great fellowship and competition combined with affordable, uncomplicated, classic airplanes is a recipe for unmatched fun and enjoyment!

The Senior Pattern Association was founded by Mickey Walker in 1991 on the guiding principles of his original vision: simple and inexpensive vintage pattern planes with the emphasis on fellowship, camaraderie and fun. The atmosphere of relaxed family-friendly fun, encouragement, laughter and great flying is an experience that will leave you hooked and very possibly turn you into a really good pilot!

Specific rules governing aircraft can be found in the Competitors Guide (link below). Basically, SPA-legal planes are model airplanes designed prior to 1976, powered by a maximum of a .65 two stroke glow fuel engine, a .91 gasoline engine, a .95 four stroke glow fuel engine or electric motors with specific restrictions. The use of tuned pipes and retractable landing gear is not allowed, limiting the complication and cost of the aircraft. The simplicity and low cost of early Vintage models, in terms of materials and equipment, means that a level playing field is deliberately established, making practice and skill the primary difference between competitors.

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