2015-16 SPA Competitor's Guide

The SPA Competitor's Guide (complete guide and Section 3)
was updated May 26, 2015 to correct errors in two maneuvers.

  1. The diagram for the 4 Point Roll was replaced to show the proper centering of the maneuver. The center of the maneuver is now correctly shown to be the middle of the inverted flight segment.
  2. The description text for the Cobra with 1/2 Rolls was changed to remove an erroneous reference to 1/4 Outside Loop.

Download complete 2015-16 SPA Competitor's Guide
Revised June 12, 2015 (4 Mb)

Download individual sections of the Competitor's Guide
Section I - SPA Event Regulations (240 Kb)
Section II - Judges Guide (380 Kb)
Section III - Maneuver Descriptions
Revised May 26, 2015 (2.3 Mb)
Antique Sequences and Maneuver Descriptions
Revised June 12, 2015 (3.4 Mb)