2nd Annual Richard Byrd Memorial Pattern Contest
Benbrook, TX

May 20, 2023

The Pilots
L-R: Rick Byrd, Stephen Byrd, Reed Smith, Samuel Corlett, Nathan Haycock, Bobby Zikes,
Bryan Byrd, Ken Knotts, Todd Blose, Pat Ensign, Max Blose, Danny Jackson & Wayne Galligan

Scores                                               Photos

Would 7 pilots in Masters mean you had a terrific contest?  If so, we had a great one.  There were some really good pattern flyers competing and there was not a single crash.

 The temperature was a cool 62 degrees with the wind from the north at 17 MPH to begin the contest.  The temperature rose and the wind calmed later in the day which made for beautiful weather and great flying.

There to honor Richard Byrd were his three sons Stephen, Bryan and Rick who are all very accomplished pilots. All three of their aircraft were built by their father Richard, a fantastic modeler.

We had only one pilot each in Sportsman and Expert with Wayne Galligan taking Expert and Nathan Haycock taking Sportsman.



Advanced had 4 pilots with Bobby Zikes winning 3 of 4 rounds for the win and Ken Knotts winning the other round to take second.  Max Blose took third.




The flying in Masters was fantastic.  Todd Blose won with Rick Byrd a close second and Pat Ensign taking third.




We had homemade hamburgers with all the fixings for lunch and a lot of fellowship.  The field maintenance crew had the field in perfect condition.   All this made for a great contest.

Ken Knotts, CD

Final Scores
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