2022 Ft. Worth Thunderbirds SPA Contest

May 14, 2022

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The Pilots
Tim Reed, Chris Berardi, Samuel Corlett, Sam Corlett, Wayne Galligan, Todd Blose, Pat Ensign, Ken Knotts, Frank Cox, Michel Clements, Wes Lewis, Max Blose, Chuck Lee & Danny Jackson

2022 Ft. Worth Thunderbirds Contest Report
May 14, 2021

Sometimes you get lucky at a contest and have a perfect day for flying and we did! The day broke clear with light winds with the temperature starting at 74 and going to 98. We had 16 pilots (2 arrived too late for the group picture) to enjoy this wonderful day.

It takes a lot of people to put on a contest. Thanks to Tab Bowland for cooking some very gold hamburgers and hot dogs, Leslie Ensign handling registration and data entry, Ian Waring and Mel Wells running score sheets, Keith Knotts taking individual and group photos, Woody Lake taking on site and action pictures, and Chris Berardi for getting raffle prizes.

Thirteen-year-old Reed Smith is a first time SPA pilot and flew a Kaos for the first time in this event. He flew really well and bested Jason Nowiski in Basic.

Sportsman had only one contestant and Frank Cox won it handily.

There were 5 contestants in Advanced with Chris Berardi winning every round. Ken Knotts took second and 87-year-old Max Blose taking third.

Expert had 5 contestants with Wayne Galligan taking first place winning 2 rounds and college freshman Samuel Corlett winning 2 rounds for second place. Wes Lewis took third in a closely contested race.

Ken Knotts, CD

Final Scores
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