2022 Prattville SPA Contest

April 9, 2022


This report will be short and sweet - the contest didn't happen!
My wife Bobbie did manage to get a few photos though. Click the link above to view them.

Dave Phillips, Greg Hoke, Jeff Owens and Jerry Black arrived early with their campers ready for some good practice and the first East district contest of the year. A handful of others including Jim Johns, Norman Bonnette and Gordon Talbot arrived Friday and were ready to attempt aviation despite the weatherman throwing us a nasty curveball. Courtesy of a huge low pressure system located over the Great Lakes, we had gusty 10-25mph winds from the west (a direct crosswind) and morning temperatures in the low 40s Friday and Saturday mornings. To top it all off, CD Jamie Strong felt badand left the field. He and his wife Susan tested positive for COVID-19 Friday evening! Jamie then arranged for several FCF club members to take over in his stead and Larry Hill, Garry Singleton, and Ray Kunert dutifully showed up Saturday morning to run the show. However, after several cups of hot coffee and a group discussion behind the shelter of Dave Phillips' camper, it was decided to pull the plug on the contest. Some of us - including myself - never even got an airplane out of the car! We all said our goodbyes and Jerry Black headed out first for his 7-hour drive home to northeast Tennessee. The rest began packing up and heading for warmer locales.

Hopefully, we will all be better prepared and have better weather for our next contest in Knoxville on May 21-22. I hope to see you all there.

Jim Johns