2022 Golden Triangle SPA Convention
June 4, 2022

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The Pilots
L-R: Bob Smith, Sam Corlett, Chris Berardi, Wayne Galligan, Ken Knotts, Todd Blose, Max Blose, Pat Ensign, Danny Jackson, Chuck Lee, Frank Cox & Wes Lewis. Not shown - Samuel Corlett

June 4th, a date to remember. The Golden Triangle RC Club held their Annual SPA Convention at Jim Fulton Field. The weather couldn't be any better with the exception of the humidity. A mostly calm air made the high humidity 85 degrees seemed very hot. What little breeze we had was welcomed. The twelve competitors and workers enjoyed a noon meal of Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Baked Beans.

We started the first round a little late to allow the sun to get above the horizon and put the Expert Class up first. This strategy was to give the new comers time to relax and observe. We finished two rounds before lunch and two more in the afternoon.

With the disappearance of the ARF pattern planes from the market, we are finding more pilots building their planes. And it's good to see all the different planes and different colors lining the taxi way and pit area. There were some really beautiful planes present. We have allowed retract landing gear last year as well as this year. More pilots are flying planes equipped with retracts. Even though tuned pipes were allowed, there were none present. However, more electric planes were seen this year than in previous years. We decided to award Trophies this year and they were readily accepted.

In an effort to keep SPA interesting and to stop the attrition of competitors we've instituted a new class of maneuvers called Masters Class. We flew the new Masters Class and it went really well. We had three pilots move from Expert to Masters. Unfortunately we had no Basic Class competitors this year. We really need to do something to attract the young people.

We raffled of a Tower Hobbies Kaos 40 that was donated to our event by Steve Daykin of Canada. We really appreciated his donation. Spring-Air donated a complete set of retracts. Sig Manufacturing donated a 25% Discount coupon, APC made a donation of props, RTL hardware made a generous donation of Servo screws. The recession is hitting the hobby vendors hard as their donations have dropped seriously. We are very thankful of the donations that we did receive.

So until next year,
Frank Cox, CD

Final Scores
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