2021 Texas Wings Aerobatics SPA West Contest
May 15, 2021

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The Pilots
L-R: Nathan Haycock, Ken Knotts, Adam Rush, Blake Arnold, Stephen Byrd,
Dave Dingman, Pat Ensign, Tony White, Max Blose, Danny Jackson & Bobby Zikes

2021 Texas Wings Aerobatics SPA West Contest Report

(Newark, Texas -- May 15, 2021) Texas Wings and Buzzardaire hosted the annual Wings SPA pattern contest. Off and on clouds with breezes up to 25 knots and mild temps greeted 11 of the world’s best flyers from across the globe (well, Texas at least) for a day of fun in the sun and amazing aerial acrobatics. There were no takers in Novice, four in Sportsman, two in advanced and three each in Expert and Senior.

Flying started at 9:00, and four rounds were flown by 5:00 with the worst damage being a burned out glow plug. Not even one busted prop! That’s what it’s all about.

For lunch Wings club served what’s becoming their trademark - all you can eat tacos. Special appearances were made throughout the day by warbirds from nearby Meacham airport having their annual warbird day. Full-size fly-bys included several by Fifi, one of only 2 flying B-29s in the world.

Raffle prizes were plentiful this year with sponsors such as JT Hobbies, Rockler tools, Master Airscrew, Wings, and Buzzardaire.

In the end:

  • Bobby Zikes won Sportsman with Nathan Haycock and Adam Rush in second and third.
  • Advanced was won by Max Blose with (returning to SPA this year) Blake Arnold in second.
  • Expert was nail-biting close with Stephen Byrd beating Pat Ensign by one point! Final score 2998 to 2997. Now THAT’S close! Newcomer to SPA Tony White took third, flying his first contest in Expert. Welcome Tony!
  • Senior Expert was also unbelievably close with Dave Dingman beating Danny Jackson by barely 5 points. Ken Knotts put on an impressive display taking an honorable third.

Thanks to all the help from the Wings club, who has been a long-term staunch supporter of SPA, Mrs. Buzzardaire (Leslie Ensign), who does the scoring and other duties (yeah, Pat THINKS he runs the show but she really does) and the Sponsors. Without all the help, the CD would not have a job.


Final Scores
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