2021 Cass Underwood Memorial SPA Contest
Prattville, AL                   June 12-13, 2021

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The Pilots
L-R: Terry Boston, Greg Hoke, Ken VandenBosch, Joe Ryan, Duane Wilson, Jim Johns,
Dave Phillips, Norman Bonnette, Friedrich Mursch, CD Jamie Strong, Gordon Talbot,
Bill Dodge, Jeff Owens, Warren Oliver, Jerry Black & Bruce Underwood

2021 Cass Underwood Memorial SPA Contest

Well, Prattville's 2021 SPA contest is in the books!! We had a very nice spread of competitors with each class represented by at least 2 competitors.

Basic - New to SPA is a local FCF member, Gordon Talbot, who I have been tutoring. He has been soaking up pattern like a sponge during the little time we have spent with each other practicing. SPA’s reigning Novice (now Basic) Champ Norm Bonnette and Gordon were neck and neck swapping rounds throughout the contest. Gordon finished 1st with Norm close behind.

Sportsman - Bill Dodge and Duane Wilson were very close throughout the weekend despite Duane's engine not preforming up to what is customary for a OS .91. After all was said and done, Bill took the win. It's great to see Duane back flying after his recent eye surgery.

Advanced was well represented with Ken VandenBosch, Terry Boston And SPAs backbone, Jim Johns. This class also was a back and forth battle exchanging of rounds and its was fun to judge and watch. These guys are Good !!!! Jim took 1st with 4Ks, but Terry was less than 7 points back for 2nd!! Unfortunately, Ken's Curare was damaged after a tangle with the tall grass surrounding the runway in the 2nd round, so he finished 3rd.

Expert was our largest group of the contest with Greg Hoke, Warren Oliver, Joe Ryan and myself, along with SPA newcomer Friedrich Mursch from Tallahassee, FL, competing. Friedrich flew the nicest Curare ARFs I’ve ever seen in a while with a bunch of neat goodies.

The Expert and Senior Expert seem to always be a nip and tuck, maybe not always for first place but darn near it. Greg Hoke, my friend from Warner Robbins, GA took 1st in Expert and Jerry Black did the same in the Senior Expert.

Fantastic to see Bruce Underwood (Coach) flying again!!! Bruce is BACK, and flying almost as good as ever. Dave Phillips is battling heath issues, but he’s like a Timex watch, takes a licking and keeps on ticking :).

We had many really long distance travelers attend this contest and that is beginning to be the case. If it wasn’t for these guys traveling, our SPA group and contests would be much more sparse. I thank everyone for making the trip to Prattville and hope I didn’t slow us down to much due to judging chairs not being filled efficiently.

Jamie Strong, CD

Final Scores
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