2021 Mac Hodges Contest

Andersonville, GA
September 18-19, 2021
Our host Mac Hodges
Mac's legendary wind indicator
Mac making a low pass in his ultralight
You've got to love Mac's place - Acres and acres of nothing but beautiful grass
The Pilots L-R: Terry Boston, Dave Phillips, Jeff Owens, Norman Bonnette, Bob Lane, Bruce Underwood, Duane Wilson, Jamie Strong, John Wolfe, Ken VandenBosch, Greg Hoke & Gordon Talbot. Not shown: Joe Ryan
Planes sit on the flight line awaiting their pilots
Bruce Underwood flying with wife Jane calling
Jamie sheilds his eyes while judging Bruce's flight
Bruce carrying his Dirty Birdy back to the pits
Jane and Peggy chat with Bruce looking on
Terry Boston flying with caller Dee VandenBosch
Ken V watches Terry's flight. Dave Phillips' Bootlegger awaits it's turn
Dave P's Bootlegger
Greg Hoke flying at sunrise - a gorgeous photo by Dave Philips
Greg Hoke with his foamy seaplane in front of Mac's lake
Water Taxi
Seaplane ready to touch down after another flight
Greg retrieving the seaplane from the roof of the pavilion
Jamie Strong
Jamie and Ken V chatting