Golden Triangle RC Club's
8th Annual SPA Aerobatic Convention

June 19, 2021


The Pilots plus Leslie
L-R: Chris Berardi, Leslie Ensign, Alan Schreiber, Nathan Haycock, CD Frank Cox,
Adam Rush, Ellis Newkirk, Dave Dingman, Ken Knotts, Todd Blose,
Bob Smith, Pat Ensign, Max Blose, Danny Jackson & Wes Lewis

2021 Golden Triangle SPA Aerobatics Convention Report

Our 8th Annual SPA event has come and gone with a GREAT success. First I would like to thank all the members that helped out with this event. And yes, I am sadly disappointed in some that decided to sit at home and watch the boob tube. For all those that helped out, you will see a benefit in your dues for next year.

The Staff worked hard all day performing such tasks as Score Runners assisting Leslie Ensign with the scoring, and making sure everyone had plenty of water. Besides serving the noon meal, they sat around talking about airplanes and wondering what idiot organized this fiasco. They all did a great job and I didn't hear any complaints.

L-R: Leslie Ensign, Frank Cox (CD), Robert Wilson, Tony Rusher,
Ben Bergman, Bob Smith, Fred Taylor, Frank Blackwell and Frank Florez.

The Competitors - We had 16 entries with a few new faces among them - see photo above. The competitors seem to have a good time. We started late wanting to get the morning sun higher in the sky. Most of the time we ran a single flight line, but we did run two on occasion. Thanks to Pat Ensign and Ken Knotts for their help organizing the Judges and Flight Line expediting.

Lunch - I heard numerous accolades about the lunch that was served up. Pulled BBQ pork, baked beans and potato salad followed by soft chocolate chip cookies. The surplus potato salad was raffled off to the club members that stayed to help put everything away. Many of the contestants stated it was nice to get away from Hot Dogs and Hamburgers for a change. I've noticed some clubs coming up with different dishes lately. It's not an easy job preparing for the noon meals for these events. Thanks to Ben Bergman for the baked beans and Fred Taylor for the hot coffee and donuts. At right we have Frank Blackwell, Ben Bergman, Frank Flores and Tony Rusher waiting at the lunch table to serve the the hungry.

Our Sponsors - A big thanks go out to our sponsors - BalsaUSA, Sig Mfg, Tru-Turn Spinners, RTL Fasteners, APC Props, Golden Triangle RC Club and Frank Cox. A huge THANKS goes out to Mitch Robbins of Aero Composites for the beautiful UFO kit he donated. Here are just some of the happy winners of the numerous raffles.

At left is Wes Lewis holding his new Aero Composites UFO kit.

At right Ben Bergman and Frank Blackwell admiring the powered sailplane donated by  CD Frank Cox




1st Place - Alan Schrieber 2nd Place - Jason Nowicki
The 3rd and 4th Place finishers were not SPA members and therefore not eligible for trophies or points.
1st Place - Bob Smith
2nd Place - Wes Lewis
1st Place - Max Blose
2nd Place - Chris Berardi
The 3rd Place finisher was not an SPA member and therefore not eligible for trophies or points.
1st Place - Todd Blose
2nd Place - Pat Ensign
1st Place -  Dave Dingman
2nd Place - Ellis Newkirk
3rd Place - Ken Knotts
Contest MVP - Leslie Ensign

We had a great event and everyone went home with something - at least a smile on their face.

Frank Cox, CD

Final Scores
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