Wichita Falls SPA Contest
September 12, 2020

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2020 Wichita Falls SPA Contest Recap
September 12, 2020

Saturday morning dawned with a promise for a good day in the toy airplane sector of the galaxy. Light winds and mild temps greeted us along with a little morning fog that dissipated by flight time. However, the sky was white all day, not blue, caused by the California wildfire smoke at 30,000 feet, helping to keep the morning sun out of our eyes and the UV sub-crispy.

The field was looking its best, thanks to the mowing and the recent rains turning the normal brown to green. Thirteen flyers showed, with two novice, no sportsman, five advanced, three expert, and three sr. expert.

Co-CD Pat Ensign started it off with a pilots meeting, followed by two rounds being completed by lunch. The Prime rib and Lobster was worth taking a break for (oh wait, it was burgers and hot links, but that's how good they were). Two more rounds in the afternoon were topped off by awards and buckets of raffle prizes, including two Super Kaos kits from Lazer Works, a local company.

The bragging rights go to: 

Gene Roy, Novice
Gary Alphin, Advanced
Todd Blose, Expert
Dave Dingman, Sr. Expert

There are more than usual THANKS this time around. BIGGEST Thanks to Co-CD Tony Breyen for jumping through hoops like a poodle in the circus to get the go-ahead from the City with the virus and all. He also did all the ground work including rounding up the door prizes. Thanks also to the entire club for all the help with lunch, registration, runners, field prep, and more. Also thanks to Paul and Jennifer Mayhan and Jason Nowicki for jumping in to do the scoring at a moment's notice. None of this could be possible without all of you.

It was a great day of fabulous food, frolicking fraulines, amazing acts of aeronautical acrobatics, earned egos, and escape from the world’s problems.

Buzzardaire (Co-CD Pat Ensign)

Final Scores
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