West Championships

Thunderbird Field
Benbrook, TX
October 24-25, 2020


The Pilots
L-R: Bryan Byrd, Max Blose, Todd Blose, Adam Rush, Wayne Galligan, Gary Alphin, Paul Mayhan, Danny Jackson, Eddie Bernaldez, Pat Ensign, Chris Berardi, Ken Knotts, Stephen Byrd & Alan Schreiber

Sometimes we get lucky! The Friday before the Championships started, a strong cold front hit in the morning with rain and a brisk north wind. On Saturday 14 pilots showed up for the competition on a cool morning with little to no wind and a clear sky that warmed up nicely.

Sunday was a little warmer with a south wind and clear skies again. By the time flying was finished, clouds moved in and as we finished a light mist started falling progressing to rain later. Flying started about 9:00 AM with pilots looking straight into the sun. Paul Mayhan lost his airplane in the sun and it was totally destroyed on impact.

Novice had two contestants with some very good flying for novices. Alan Schreiber flew a beautiful kit built Curare. In the end, Adam Rush prevailed winning five of the six rounds.

Adam Rush

Alan Schreiber

We had no Sportsman contestants and there were five contestants in Advanced. Chris Berardi placed first winning four of the six rounds with Max Blose winning one and Eddie Bernaldez winning the other. Gary Alphin didn’t win a round but won second place with very consistent flying.

Chris Berardi
Gary Alphin

Max Blose 
Eddie Bernaldez
Paul Mayhan

Expert class had some wonderful flying with Todd Blose winning five of the six rounds and Stephen Byrd the other. Stephen was second with Pat Ensign taking third. Bryan Byrd is just getting back into competition after several years and flew very well taking fourth. Wayne Galligan lost his airplane due to battery failure and took fifth. 

Todd Blose
Stephen Bryd

Pat Ensign
Bryan Byrd
Wayne Galligan

Senior Expert had two competitors, Danny Jackson and Ken Knotts. Danny won every round. 
Danny Jackson

Ken Knotts 

SPA vice president Frank Cox Awarded the high points winners for the shortened year.

Adam Rush

Nathan Haycock
Chris Berardi

Todd Blose

Senior Expert
Danny Jackson 

The turnout was good, and the weather was almost perfect for the final SPA West contest of the year. We look forward to a more normal contest season next year.

Ken Knotts, CD

The Planes

Final Scores
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