South Georgia SPA Contest
Mac Hodges Field, Andersonville, Georgia
August 15-16, 2020

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The Pilots
L-R: Jerry Black, Greg Hoke, Jeff Owens (kneeling), Ken VandenBosch,
Jamie Strong (kneeling), CD Dave Phillips, Terry Boston, & Norman Bonnette

The Hodges contest was as good as any I’ve ever attended and was chock full of firsts, at least for me anyway! The weather was as good as it could be for Saturday with an overcast sky and a light breeze that helped keep the gnats at bay. Lol!

We had 10 pilots pre-register and 8 showed up to fly. Those 8 were a very energetic bunch and seemed to have a great time. We flew the normal 4 rounds on Saturday and 2 on Sunday as always. Greg Hoke broke out his Control line plane and began to wind it up! I tried to give it a go, but my sore neck stopped that. Another first for an SPA contest! We then moved on to a foam float plane of Greg's after the 4th round had ended. We all had a turn flying it off Mac’s lake and it was a lot of laughs as we tried to see who could drag a wing tip and not splash it !

Greg Hoke and Jamie Strong used retracts in the contest which made it look like the old days with the gear up. I’m sure there will be more folks flying 'em like that soon.

Mac brought out his RV 8 on Sunday and left for a couple of hours. When he returned, he made a 180 mph low pass over the field that was "see the grin on his face low".

Another first for me - it was also the first time for Peggy and I to camp at a contest and it won’t be the last. We enjoyed it very much and hope we can do it again soon .

I would like to pass along a special thanks to Mitch Robbins of Aero Composites for the Patrica kit and a nice box of T shirts, golf shirt and ball caps. We did a draw for the kit and other goodies along with 60.00 Gas Money ! Funny story - Ken Vanderbosch won the $60, but he returned it to redraw where Debbie Hoke won it. Ken's got his wish and won the Patricia kit. Congratulations to both of them.

Jim Johns has done an outstanding job on placing captions on the pictures we took so you could get an idea of what a fun day it was!! Hope we can get back to normal as soon as possible - we miss our buds!

Dave Phillips

Final Scores
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