2019 SPA West Championships
Benbrook, TX
October 26-27, 2019

Scores                                               Photos

The 2019
West Championships Pilots
L-R: Wayne Galligan, Jason Nowicki, Pat Ensign, Jamie Strong, Dave Dingman, Jim Strong, Paul Mayhan, Sam Corlett, Bobby Zikes, Cliff Bradford, Rick Byrd, Chris Berardi, Ken Knotts, Frank Cox, Samuel Corlett and Gary Alphin
Not shown: Nathan Haycock and Tommy Scarmardo

The turnout was great with 18 pilots competing.  The level of flying has really improved the last few years.  Some classes were close and in Advanced, four of the five pilots won a round.  Pat Ensign and Dave Dingman tied with 1000 points each in round 5 of Expert class.  In Expert class, long time aerobatic champion Rick Byrd won with one round each won by Jamie Strong, Wayne Galligan, and Pat Ensign.

A successful contest has a lot of people in the background helping.  Brian Alphin helped set up the contest and entered scores, assisted by Leslie Ensign with certificates and framing.  Tab Bowland did cooking and we had hamburgers, chips and drinks for everyone.  Ian Waring and Mel Wells ran scores from both flight lines.  The field is well manicured and looks beautiful.  Thanks to the Fort Worth Thunderbirds.

Saturday evening most everyone gathered at a local Mexican food restaurant and had discussions of model airplanes and the world.

At the end of the day, awards were distributed, and high point plaques were awarded.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped.

Ken Knotts



   Jason Nowicki

      Paul Mayhan          Nathan Haycock             Frank Cox

      Jim Strong               Samuel Corlett             Chris Berardi

       Rick Byrd                      Pat Ensign             Wayne Galligan

Senior Expert
        Bobby Zikes                      Cliff Bradford                       Ken Knotts


The High Points winners for 2019 presented by Frank Cox are;

  Novice – Jason Nowicki       Sportsman – Paul Mayhan      Advanced – Chris Berardi"

   Expert – Pat Ensign          Senior Expert – Ken Knotts

Final Scores
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