6th Annual Golden Triangle
SPA Aerobatic Convention
Grand Prairie, TX
June 8, 2019

Scores                                               Photos

Golden Triangle Pilots
L-R: Wayne Galligan, Jason Nowicki, Paul Mayhan, Dave Dingman, Gary Alphin, Pat Ensign,
Tommy Scarmardo, CD Frank Cox, Chris Berardi, Ken Knotts, Robert Smith, Rolla Roy and Bobby Zikes

Saturday, June 8th the Golden Triangle RC Club hosted it's 6th Annual SPA Aerobatic Convention. First thing, I want to thank all the Club members that participated and made the event the success that it was. Upon my arrival which was 0745 hrs, I found that Ben Bergman and Randy Mays had the generator up and running, and the grille set up. Several members were waiting to get started with the rest of the set up. Robert Wilson and Frank Flores got the coffee pot up and running so everyone could have coffee and donuts. John Nguyen and Jason Nowicki erected the canopies assisted by Pat Ensign and judges stations. The Club owes these members a debt of gratitude for their hard work and their contribution to the club. It's these members that puts the Golden Triangle Club on the map. Thanks guys, you deserve a big THANKS.

Ken Spears took the photos of the event and did a bang up job of it. Thanks Ken.

The weather was beautiful with light winds from the north which kept the temperatures in the 80s. There were moments of complete calm and then light gusts of 7 to 12 mph. Pat Ensign assisted with setting up the flight lines. We started with one flight line and got Senior Expert and Expert class out of the way, Then we went to two flights for the Novice, Sportsman and Advance classes. The flights lines went quick and we were able to get four flights in with two before lunch. After a short break for enjoying some very tasty Hamburgers, Potato Salad, Baked Beans with cookies for dessert. After lunch there were several people heard mentioning the need of naps. One pilot, Roy Rolla, lost his plane due to unknown circumstances. Other than that incident, everything went off with out any problems.

Jason Wonicki was in charge of selling Raffle Tickets and he did  a great job. The Tower Kaos 60 ARF was won by Wayne Galligan, the  Mustang X, donated by Lazer Works, was won by Chris Berardi. A very special thanks goes out to our sponsors. The Competitors and Workers were truly excited about the items donated by ACP Composites, APC Props, Sig Manufacturing, Servo City, Sullivan Products, Tower Hobbies and Tru-Turn Spinners.

Jennifer and John
did a great job with the score keeping. Leslie Ensign taught Jennifer well.

Randy Mays and Mike Koenig 
manned the grille and served a great lunch of home made hamburgers, potato salad and baked beans.

Frank Flores kept all the equipment working properly. 

These beautiful awards were provided by Robert Oliveira and engraved Rocker Tools Co.

John Nguyen and Robert (Bob) Smith admiring CD Frank Cox's plane. In the background in the red shirt is Robert Wilson, GTRCC Safety Coordinator . These guys are instrumental in the operations of the club.

CD Frank Cox doing his share of the judging with Tommy Scamardo. Wayne Galligan flying with Chris Berardi calling.

Jason Nowicki, Club's newest member. Worked the event and flew his first contest. He and John Nguyen stayed at the field and made sure that everything was put away and the trash was cleared. Thanks guys for the hard work.

Frank Cox, CD

Final Scores
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