Inaugural Wichita Falls SPA Contest
September 15, 2018

The Pilots
L-R: CD Bob Redmon, Eddie Bernaldez, Pat Ensign, Frank Cox, Mike Clements,
Dave Dingman, Sam Corlett, Samuel Corlett, Ken Knotts, Matt Kirk and Paul Mayhan

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Wichita Falls Radio Control Club (WFRCC) hosted its inaugural SPA event on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at Lake Park RC Flying Field in Wichita Falls, Texas. Much thanks to all who competed and all those who helped or just came out to watch and support the contest. WFRCC wish to especially thank Leslie and Pat Ensign from Fort Worth for all of their help and support before, during, and after the contest. In addition everything else they did to make this happen, Pat made judging assignments, and Leslie calculated scores and created the awards. Pat and Leslie are the heart of SPA West.

Due somewhat to a rather sketchy weather forecast, attendance was lower than hoped, but the pilots who did make the trip were treated to almost perfect conditions. The wind remained light all day, and a few high clouds in the morning blocked the sun and made the early rounds much more comfortable to fly. Later in the day, the sky became partly sunny and the temperature remained abnormally mild and pleasant all day. Those who stayed away missed a wonderful contest experience.

Twelve pilots and their helpers flew in this first attempt at hosting a SPA event. For many of the local flyers, it was their first exposure to competition precision aerobatics of any kind. If the talk amongst WFRCC members is any indication, it won’t be their last.

Flying was relaxed and pleasant all day. In addition to the regular SPA skill classes, an introductory class was offered, and two excited pilots enjoyed their very first pattern flying experience. As most flyers were from out of town and faced several hours of driving after the contest, only four rounds were flown. Eddie Bernaldez from far east Texas traveled the farthest.

Fantastically delicious charcoaled burgers, hot dogs, and sausage sandwiches were provided by WFRCC at lunch. It was the best contest food the author can remember. Following the presentation of flying awards by WFRCC president Tony Breyen, several kits, an engine, and a gallon of fuel were raffled. Tony committed WFRCC to continuing to sponsor SPA events in the future. All WFRCC members present all seemed to be in enthusiastic agreement. I am certain all those who took part and all those who participated are looking forward to the 2nd Annual WFRCC SPA event.

Overall, the flying was exceptional, and a great time was had by all! Photographs, scores, and winners of the contest are posted elsewhere in the report. Special recognition should be give to Dusty Bayley for taking and publishing all those WONDERFUL photographs of the contest….the perfect contest history.

Bob Redmon (SPA #635 and CD in name only)

Final Scores