2018 Ken Scott Memorial SPA
Prattville, AL
June 9-10, 2018

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PRATTVILLE, AL...June 9 & 10, 2018..................Driving to Prattville suburb Autaugaville on Friday afternoon, it was a joy to locate County Road 21 and this welcome sign:

On the opposite side of the road was this reminder that a contestant was on the right path:

Then in about 2 miles he saw this beautiful flying site:

 For the most part of the weekend the wind was about as indicated by the limp “Old Glory” on Friday afternoon. The temp in the 90’s was relieved by a thunderstorm of about an hour’s duration when it was needed most on Saturday afternoon.

Matt Griffitt earned a “10” on his initial go at CDing an SPA contest. The shot below is at the greeting and pilot’s briefing

Matt explained the number of rounds he intended (and did) fly was six. 5 on Saturday and one Sunday morning. Turned out to be, for most classes 4 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday morning. He and his club member assistants were most efficient in their handling of details. Because of the few helpers, he had the contestants hold onto their individual score sheets and run them to the scorekeepers, Jim and Bobbie Johns, pick them up and return to the judges prior to each flight.

Pastor Nic Nicholson, local member, petitioned God’s assistance to “please guard the event from casualties” in his opening prayer (probably recalling the numerous ones in the first contest in Roberto, GA)….there were NONE! Your reporter can’t even recall anyone breaking a prop. What a delight to report!

It’s a genuine joy to introduce a newcomer to SPA who is flying in his very first SPA contest. Mr. Terry Boston from Byhailia, MS which is 14 miles SE of Memphis, TN:

Terry was an “ole-timer” and flew with the group out of the Ohio area in the “golden-era”. He belonged to the club in Cincinnati, OH with Dave Brown, Chuck Shade and others that most of you readers recall from that era. He happened up on the SPA website and learned of us via Jim Johns excellent work on the site. (Webmaster's note - Terry and I both flew in the 1987 AMA Nats in Lincoln., NE) You couldn’t help but know you’d encountered a good modeler when you first saw his truck bearing this tag:

Terry’s expertise from years gone by was made known by his neatly finished models hauled in the bed of his truck:

KAOS on the left…DIRTY-BIRDY on the right (riding on foam rubber)

He flew well winning 4 of the six rounds in NOVICE class. Dr. Fred Robertson took the other two.

Scoring in the other classes went like this….in SPORTSMAN , Jim Strong aced the class with 3000, Charlie Johns scored 2761.

In ADVANCED, Curt Diggs placed first winning 3 rounds while Bill Dodge won 2 to place second. The EXPERT class was simply textbook, as we expected, with Greg Hoke winning 4 rounds to Jamie Strong's 2. How about this for closeness, Hoke 4000, Strong 3982. I repeat, these two should be demo pilots for the SPA rulebook. Look at this:

That’s Debbie Hoke (Greg’s better-half calling for Jamie) in round 5.

And this:

Jamie Strong calling for Greg Hoke in round 5

You just don’t get better “Sportsmanship” than that, do ya??????? Wouldn’t this world be a better place with more competitors like these two?

Speaking of sportsmanship, let me compliment Mr. Bill Dodge, who was kind enough to lend your’ reporter and PIO his airplane, since an electronic malfunction in a digital servo claimed my bird about 10 days ago….gosh, what a gesture Bill.

Jeff Owens aced our SENIOR EXPERT class with 2000, I was lucky to amass 1806 and second, Jim Johns stepped up into the “oldies” class and with just one round amassed 761. Jim shared his flight with scorekeeping . Many thanks, Jim. Keith Watson, our great VP, came, paid his entry but didn’t fly. Much obliged Keith and so good to see you improving from those “gout” issues.

Let me conclude this report with an update on one of the most comfortable places to be on a sizzling hot weekend at Fountain City Flyers field…Look:

Lotta folks found themselves lingering here this past weekend, and here’s why….just above the seating area was this:

Yep, AC

Matt, Fountain City Flyers…….you took just a few of your membership and entertained as if there was a dozen of you. Thanks for a Deeelightful weekend of doing what we enjoy doing the most, flying SPA and fellowshipping with folks it’s simply GREAT to be with!


Final Scores
Each class flew a different number of rounds, so the results shown below
show the correct number of rounds scored for each individual class.