2018 SPA East Masters
Chattanooga, TN
October 6-7, 2018

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Masters Contest Winners
L-R: Russ Chiles, Warren Oliver, Nathan Fisk, Joe Grant, Terry Boston, Mike Hildebrandt, Mike McConville, Scott Anderson, Jeff Owens, Bruce Underwood and Jimmy Russell

SPA East Annual Points Champions:
L-R: Joe Grant, Terry Boston, Mike Hildebrandt, Jimmy Russell, Scott Anderson, Jeff Owens, Bruce Underwood and Jim Johns

2018 Masters......CHATTANOOGA, TN......October 6-7, 2018

Listening to the car radio enroute to Chattanooga Friday, the weather report called for "Winds light and variable up to 3 miles per hour". The spouse and I just smiled and sort of mimicked the radio for that forecast. But lo and behold, CD Scott Anderson must have colluded… for that forecast was COMPLETELY ACCURATE! Honest Injun, a few of us veteran SPA attendees agreed, "this was the best weekend weatherwise we've attended in "a coon's age". In the associated photos, take a glance at the windsock, that photo was taken when the wind was at it's strongest. I think the weathermaker was listening intently to our invocation plea.

Scott's worthy assistant Missy was unable to be with him and us this weekend because of an illness. She is between hospital stays but was able to visit with us via the internet and modern cellphones equipped with all the moden gadgetry that's available nowadays. We were able to wave to her via this gadget and wish her a speedy recovery.

John Davis, President of the Chattanooga host club, ran the raffle side of things and another member or two assisted with the cooking on Saturday. Several clubbers pawned their food-prep talents on Friday afternoon and treated us early arrivals to a "social mixer". They furnished numerous goodies, soft drinks and sweets as well as fellowship while the practice was taking place. This was just another of the Chattanooga RC clubs bonuses for attending an event at their great field.

As we've grown to expect, there were a few mishaps. We all shared the misery of those that lost airplanes. Charley Johns lost his ARF KAOS when it spun in. Dave Phillips crash-landed his nice bird when, evidently, the whisker antennae on his receiver dislodged allowing those numerous cell towers in the neighborhood to take over. Someone told me of some mishap down on the flightline one. Jim Johns saved his bird from what could have been catastrophic. His black wire to the throttle servo broke someway in flight resulting in no throttle control, so Jim just went way high and flew it out of fuel and landed nicely. As he recovered the model, a black and red wire mingled causing a direct short which literally melted all his servo leads that were neatly bundled. This inferno happened AFTER the landing so the damage was limited primarily to just "scorching" the immediate area of the fuse.

Now that the BAD has been dispersed...on to the GOOD. There was lots of GOOD. It was sooo GOOD to welcome 16 year old Nathan Fisk to the competition. Nathan is a member of the Chattanooga club and this was his first shot at competition. He flew a PULSE foam bird he obtained from Horizon Hobbies complete with it's electric motor, servos and even a 2200 MAH battery. There's a photo of Nathan with his little "foamy" in the associated pictures. This is just what the NOVICE SPA class is intended to do, attract new comers, regardless of ones' age. Nathan's dad was with him and filming most all of his flights and his winning the trophy in the Novice class, 3rd place. Congrats Nathan, hope this is the beginning of a long period of association with us in SPA.

It was good to welcome a couple Mike's to the contest. Mike McConville who is well known from publicity associated with his participation in many of the TOC events up to 2002. Mike and I did a lot of “memory-makin” about the Tournament of Champions as I had the pleasure of serving as the "Voice of the TOC" the last ten years of it's existance and defined his performance to the crowds on the public address system in Las Vegas, NV. Mike shot a picture of he and I with his smartphone and put it on "twitter" or one of the electronic media pages resulting in 30 or more responses from other participants in past TOC's who recognized us from years gone by. Mike flew the SPA maneuvers with his "back-up" TAURUS he obtained from a swap-meet somewhere in Illinois some 15 years ago. It is powered by an EVOLUTION .52 2-stroke engine spinning an 11-7 1/4 power prop. Mike Hildebrandt and Mike McConville helped each other during the weekend...Mike Hildebrandt flew a Norm Page designed Mach-1 that was finished beautifully (see photo) and a 2-stroke that really "wound-up". It was indeed the fastest model in the contest with it's fairly thin airfoil. Lots of lookers "ooed and awed" over it's pretty finish.

A traditional part of the annual MASTERS is the Memorial Trophy "fly-off" which pits the top points competitor up to the MASTERS against the current Memorial Trophy holder, unless the current holder has won it 3 times. Well, this year it would have been Keith Watson and JIm Johns to compete since Jeff Owens has won it three times now. But, Keith wasn't able to attend due to illness and Jim Johns had his "burn" mishap in round one...so it fell to Russ Chiles and Dave Phillips...but Daves' crash eliminated that matchup...so with no other Senior Expert present to participate, Jeff took the trophy back to Florida and we'll see who qualifies for 2019. You can read the history behind the Memorial Trophy on the Senior Pattern Association website.

Results are as follows:

  • In the NOVICE class, Terry Boston K'd 4 of the six rounds to win with 4000. Joe Grant finished in 2nd with a total of 3953, Nathan Fisk flew to 3rd with 3136.
  • In SPORTSMAN class, Jim Strong K'd 4 rounds for number one, Scott Anderson flew to a total of 3879 for 2nd and 3rd went to Vic Koening who totaled 3759.
  • The ADVANCED class saw Jimmy Russell telling me he won with his Daddy Rabbitt. His score was 4000, Mike Hildebrandt and the speedy Mach 1 was 2nd with 3760, Bill Dodge only flew Saturday and scored 3539.
  • In EXPERT, it was again rulebook execution and a whisker difference in finishes, Jamie Strong won 1st with 3998, Mike McConville 2nd at 3989 and Warren Oliver 3rd with 3950.
  • It was even closer in SENIOR EXPERT with Jeff Owens winning 4 of the 6 rounds for 4000, Bruce Underwood just 4 back for 2nd at 3996, Russ Chiles 3rd with 3436. Jim Johns and Dave Phillips both had their bad things occur in the initial round one.

Annual “points champs” are awarded each year at the MASTERS contest. Scott announced and presented awards to the following, for the first time in history through 3rd place in each class:

  • NOVICE: 1. Terry Boston  2. Joe Grant  3. Fred Robertson
  • SPORTSMAN: 1. Jim Strong 2.  Scott Anderson  3. Duane Wilson
  • ADVANCED: 1. Jimmy Russell 2.  Bill Dodge 3.  Mike Hildebrandt
  • EXPERT: Jamie Strong  2. Jerry Black 3.  Greg Hoke
  • SENIOR EXPERT: 1. Jeff Owens  2. Bruce Underwood  3. Jim Johns

Big rounds of applause were sounded for the host club, cooks and Jim Johns for his adept computer skills utilized extensively this season in keeping scores. The attendees all thanked Scott for his GREAT job as CD for the MASTERS. Scott received his awards from Mr. William Tuggle, (pictured in the striped overalls) who served as temporary MC. William is the “facilities manager” at the excellent flying site which is a part of the Chattanooga Park and Recreation facilities.

Thanks to John Davis teaming with Scott for the raffle, there was a “host” of prizes drawn for, too many of the smaller ones for the PIO to list…but the big winners were: Bootlegger kit with the already-sheeted wing by Scott, to Peggy Phillips. Bob Wilkes won the Novarossi 2-stroke engine and the special Jett-like muffler. Charles Johns won the $50.00 cash prize furnished by the CRCC.

Just like EVERY one of our 2018 contests, everyone who attended the MASTERS this year were “winners”, for we were able to enjoy each other for another weekend. There were some tears shed realizing it’ll be several months til the new year of 2019 and the next SPA East contest.

Mr. Tom Stennis drove by himself from Ocean Springs, Mississippi and visited awhile on Friday before a terrible sinus condition forced him to depart for the long return drive home. We’re all “rootin” for a speedy recovery for Tom and a speedy recovery for Missy.

Scott, a grocery-bag full of “thanks” for the exceptionally great job directing our SPA East Masters. It was an exceptionally good ending to the contest season of 2018. To you and to Chattanooga’s club, we are so grateful for your’ efforts providing the “cherry” on top!

Bruce Underwood,

The support of these ladies who attended the Masters is the reason we SPA pilots get to do what we do.
L-R: Peggy Phillips, Jane Underwood, Jane Boston, Dee VandenBosch, Marie Grant, Bobbie Johns, Becky Chiles, Ann Johns and Lori Bush

Final Scores
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