Golden Triangle's 5th Annual SPA Aerobatic Convention
June 30, 2018

The Pilots
L-R: Paul Mayhan, Bill Vogeley, Bob Smith, Tommy Scarmardo, Pat Ensign, Ken Knotts,
CD Frank Cox, Dave Dingman, Eddie Bernaldez, Bobby Zikes, Chris Berardi and Stephen Byrd.

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Golden Triangle's 5th Annual SPA Aerobatic Convention was held on June 30th. The weather was hot to say the least, the wind was out of the South at 10 Mph gusting to 20 Mph at irregular intervals. As Contest Director, I was very proud of the Club's membership that turned out. They arrived on time, which was 7:00 AM and had the field set up before 8:00 AM. We had the Pilot's Briefing at 8:00 AM and the first flights were about 8:30. A total of 5 rounds were flown. No planes were lost.

A new contestant, Bob Smith a member of the Golden Triangle RC Club, entered Novice Class and walked away with 1st place. Another new comer to the sport was Eddie Bernaldez from Longview, Texas took 1st place in Sportsman with Paul Mayhan taking 2nd.

Chris Berardi gave up the 3rd round to Bobby Zikes, but held on to clench 1st place in Advanced. Bobby Zikes took 2nd and Tommy Scarmardo finished 3rd due to engine problems.

In Expert, Pat Ensign took 1st in all 5 rounds to guarantee a 1st in Expert beating out David Dingman by 239 points followed by Stephen Bryd by only 32 points taking home 3rd place.

The competition broke for lunch at 12:00 and enjoyed Frank's World Famous SPA burgers cooked by Mike Koenig and Danny Ervin. Served with the burgers was Potato Salad and Baked Beans. Frank Flores made sure we had electricity by manning the generator and insuring that it was continuously fueled. Jo Anderson did a great job as runner. He kept Leslie Ensign supplied with the score sheets and she kept the standings available for all to see. Ken Spears maintained a constant vigilance on the activity getting some great photographs of the action. A past member, Dan Lloyd showed up and assisted Kevin Brady and Robert Mclain as Grips. (Grips- persons that takes care of all the heavy work) If it weren't for these valued club members, we would not be able to have these events. Thanks Guys for a job well done.

At the end of the event before the awards were handed out, A raffle was held and everyone received a really nice prize. A very big Thanks goes out to, Tower Hobbies, Servo City, Sig Mfg, Bob Smith Adhesives, Balsa USA, Sullivan Products and APC propellers. Even in a time when sales are down, these companies came through and provided some quality products.

A very special thanks goes out to Eddie of Lazer Works of Wichita Falls for his donation of a Ultimate Kaos kit and JT's Hobbies for his donation. In most cases, a participant left with prizes valued more than his entry fee.

Even though the weather was hot and windy, we had a great time.

Frank Cox
Contest Director

Photos coming soon!

Final Scores