Join the SPA

Welcome! There are three options to become a member of the SPA.

1. Follow the link on the left below to download the printable form and mail it with your payment to our Secretary Treasurer. Complete details are included on the form. Annual dues are $20 if paid by check.

2. Follow the link on the right below and pay through Paypal. Fill out and submit the online membership form only if you are joining for the first time. Then click on the "Buy Now" button. Annual dues are $21 if paid by Paypal. The extra $1 covers the Paypal fees.

3. Become a Lifetime Member of SPA as follows:

  • Click the link under "Pay by Mail" below to download the paper membership form.

  • Fill out the form and mail it along with a check for your lifetime dues to the address on the form.

  • Lifetime dues are determined by your age according to the list below.

    Under 50 years old - $250
    50-54 years old - $200
    55-59 years old - $175
    60-64 years old - $150
    65-69 years old - $125
    70 or older - $100

Thanks and welcome to the SPA!

Pay by Mail

Use this for Annual Dues or Life Memberships

Click here to download the
SPA Membership Form

and mail to the SPA Treasurer at the address on the form.

only with Paypal

Not for Life Membership

Click below to fill out and submit the online

Membership Application
REQUIRED for all online payments

then click the Buy Now button below to pay.
When complete, close the PayPal window to return to the SPA website.