Using the PACSS Computer Scoring System

Download the SPA version of the PACSS Program

Install the PACSS program FIRST

Download the 2023-24 SPA Specific Files for PACSS
then proceed as follows depending on your installation

For a NEW  Installation

  • Unzip the  downloaded File           
  • Copy ALL of the files
  • Go to the C:\PACSS\Data directory
  • REPLACE all files with the files copied from the ZIP file.

Updating only the
new maneuver schedules

  • Unzip the  downloaded File
  • Copy only the SCHEDULES.MST file
  • Go to the C:\PACSS\Data Directory
  • Replace only the SCHEDULES.MST file with the file copied from the ZIP file.

Jim Johns has written a scoring manual
to assist SPA users of the PACSS program.

The manual is currently being rewritten.
If you
need assistance of any kind, contact Jim and he'll be glad to help.