2017 Cass Underwood/Ken Scott Memorial SPA Contest
Prattville, AL
June 10-11, 2017

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PRATTVILLE, AL...........June 10 & 11 here was “just what the Doctor ordered”, not only just ‘weather-wise”, but all otherwise as well. Us 15 “attendees” received that “1st Class Hospitality” the Fountain City Flyers are reknowned for.

Beautiful typical June hot temperatures prevailed as expected, however Jamie and the FCRC Flyers maneuvered every way they knew how to dampen the miseries of the heat. They had Ice cold water (for free) available under both flight line tents for the judges and another cooler full of it available for the contestants at the main scoring arena. A covered area, 110 V equipped provided AC for fans, charging and the like. I’ve reported in past years about the “air conditioned John” with running water with entry door that can be locked from both inside and outside and overhead lighting. Those conditions motivated lots of trips there, not only for relieving ones’ usual reasons, but for the cooling environment provided. Alongside the “pottie” were some back-issues of RC Modeler and Model Aviation adding minutes to the usual duration of one’s visit.

Only 15 of the 21 “some-odd” pre-registered participated so, time for the 6 rounds was abundant. We had no need for the “sun-shields” as the flight line was oriented away from the sunshine for the 1st round each day. Loads of flight area with a “golf-green” like runway.

Right - CD Jamie Strong at the original “welcome” on Saturday morning.

Jamie did something that Steve Byrum had done in an SPA contest several years ago. He invited modelers who enjoyed a little later year model than allowed by SPA regs to fly the SPA patterns with their planes, even if equipped with pipes and retracts. He awarded them in an OPEN class. Two normally Jet Flyers accepted his invitation. One was Matt Griffith who flew the SPA NOVICE pattern and Victor Diaz who flew the ADVANCED SPA pattern. Griffith finished 2nd overall in NOVICE while Diaz placed FIRST in the overall SPA pattern, both received OPEN awards. Some of you “ole-timers” will recall, the Nessler Brothers from Ohio were the two that entered Steve’s contest several years ago and went on the become very active in SPA competition for a number of years. We were grateful to the Jet-gang for participating with us.

Rugged luck for Fred Robertson who lost two airplanes due to “crashes”. Fred lost his ARF KAOS due to his “pushing” when I should have “pulled”. Then his “back-up” 40 size ship due to radio-problems. We all consoled him as it’s happened to us all at times.

This was the first contest I’ve attended in which a contestant powered his model with a genuine gasoline engine. Larry Hill of the Fountain City Club flew his Evolution 10 CC powered ARF KAOS. Larry got the engine off Amazon for $199.00 with “free shipping”. It tacked 10,200 RPM turning a 12/7 APC prop. Rather than mess with mixing his own 2 cycle fuel, he obtains a “premix” 40 to 1 at Lowes called “True Advantage by Spark Plugs, Inc. Available in the lawn mower department at Lowes/Home Depot. There is very little “residue” which he cleans from behind the muffler with Greased-Lightning” cleaner from Lowes, also. He says the needle setting is “critical”, but, if adjusted properly, plenty of power.


If there hadda been a “beautiful model award”, it would have gone to Curt Diggs and his lovely Tiger-Tail 4. Good to have Curt come back to life after so many years absent from pattern flying.


Here’s a “shot” of that good FCFlyers group that managed everything so well. L-R: Garry Singleton, Mickey Avery, Jack Haynes, Gary Arthurs, Ray Kunert & CD Jamie Strong.


Jim Strong showed the results of his constant practice under Jamie’s tutoring, with 4 K’s in the NOVICE class. David Johnson was 2nd with 3764 and Larry Hill 3rd with 2888. The closeness in SPORTSMAN class was evident when Charlie Johns won two rounds which together with the highest scoring 3rd and 4th rounds resulted in 3949 for 1st place. Mickey Avery won 3 rounds backed up by a 939 for total 3939 and 2nd place. That was a great race. Duane Wilson scored 3882 for 3rd. Curt Diggs still has the “touch” as evidenced by his win in ADVANCED with 3 K’s and 4 round total of 3974. Jim Johns pushed Curt scoring 3857 for 2nd, and Ken Blackwell was 3rd with 3363. EXPERT class was void, unfortunately. There was some “competition” at long last for President Jeff Owens in the SENIOR EXPERT class. President Jeff outscored Past President Bruce Underwood who surprisingly exactly “tied” him in round 1 by winning the next 3 rounds on Saturday. Bruce then came back to win Rounds 5 & 6 on Sunday. Final rally - Jeff 4000, Bruce 3987! Congrats Jeff on the win. Fine flying with that 2S powered handsome ship. Scores will appear elsewhere, as will many photos at the event.

Jamie, and Fountain City Flyers, we are so grateful for the delightful weekend with you folks. You workers and clubmembers were the “coolest” part of the warm weekend and leave us all looking forward to next season!

Bruce Underwood, SPA PIO

Prattville photos courtesy of Bobbie Johns, Bruce Underwood and Garry Singleton

Prattville Final Scores

Highlighted pilots competed in the Open division and are not included in the points.