BuzzardAir SPA Contest
Thunderbird Field, Benbrook, TX
July 15, 2017

Click here for Pat Ensign's contest report. 

Pilot's meeting is over -- LET'S FLY!

Tony Stelly (leading Frank’s Kaos) and Frank Cox head to the starting block.

Tony and Frank watch while they are next in line to fly.

Dave Dingman takes it easy in the heat of the Texas day.

Judges Bob Redmon and Pat Ensign record scores as Ken Knotts prepares for his next maneuver in Senior Expert

It’s showtime for this Dirty Birdy

This Sun Fli 4 rests up while its pilot Tommy Scarmardo and Bobby Zikes wait for the next round. Meanwhile, Gary Alphin gets his plane ready and Bernie Olson looks on.

Despite the light turnout, every table was full of airplanes and accessories, including this Curare.

Win, Place and Show: Pat, Bernie, Chris, Bobby, Tommy, Bob, Frank, and Steve.

Steve Ehlers’ number came up for the case of fuel in the raffle. Time to do more flying.

Bob wins a battery checker. Who doesn’t need to make sure their batteries are good?!?

Bobby Zikes takes home a new Contender from J.T.’s Hobbies. Good thing Bobby builds!

Final Scores