Using the PACSS Computer Scoring System



The PACSS program was updated to Version 4.1.04 on September 1, 2015. The documents below apply to version 4.1.02 dated 05/30/2013. The documents will be updated to reflect changes in the new version and posted here soon.


  Download the PACSS Program
  Download 2017-18
SPA Specific Files for PACSS

Replace the Schedules and Contests files in PACSS

Download the PACSS Instruction Manual

NOTE: The manual is quite large, so it has been broken down into parts to download more quickly. You can download all or any part of it.


This scoring manual was created by Jim Johns to assist SPA users of the PACSS program. If you find any problems with the manual or if you need assistance of any kind, contact Jim and he'll be glad to help.